Retain what really matters - your customers

Our survey system is tailored to ensure you collect honest and transparent feedback based on your customers experience. Improving your business retention and increasing return customers.

Feedback That Actually Matters

Discover New Behaviors

Use customer insights and feedback to limit bad reviews, get to know what your market expectations are and build better brand authority.

Build Relationships

We all know your customers are the backbone to your success so why not get to them better and give them what they want.

Influence Positive Reviews

Your customers simply want to feel like they are part of your journey so by offering them an opportunity to be heard you limit the chance of someone leaving a bad public review.

Choose your plan


Getting Started
$ 0 Per Month
  • 10 Survey Entries
  • Basic Thank You Page
  • *No Extra Survey Fields
  • *No Email Optin Option
  • *No Social Links
  • *No Public Review Loop
  • *No Staff Compliment
  • *No Shareable QR Code
  • Monthly Summary


Better Insights
$ 59 Per Month
  • 100 Survey Entries
  • Custom Thank You Page
  • x2 Extra Survey Fields
  • Email Optin Option
  • x2 Social Links
  • Public Review Loop
  • *No Staff Compliment
  • Shareable QR Code
  • Monthly Summary


More Marketing
$ 99 Per Month
  • 1,000 Survey Entries
  • Custom Thank You Page
  • x5 Extra Survey Fields
  • Email Optin Option
  • x5 Social Links
  • Public Review Loop
  • Staff Compliment
  • Shareable QR Code
  • Monthly Summary


While building your own custom survey is not currently available in any of our listed plans, we would be STOKED to help you build a custom solution! Contact our GuestMatrix customer experience experts to learn more.

We do not offer a free trial for our paid plans but since our LITE plan is free, we encourage you to try it out with no obligation! Although the features are limited, you’ll definitely be able to see if this solution is right right for your business.

No! Our team of customer experience experts take care of all the hard work so you can focus on your business. All we need is some specific details about your business and we’ll collect the rest. However, we do recommend dedicating at least one team member of yours for communications including reports, new comments, etc.

We provide the destination and access to the surveys while you find ways to direct them to that destination. Some of our most successful case-studies promote the survey in multiple ways such as a simple feedback card inserted into the billfold or a printout placed near the register.

NOTE: All paid plans come with a shareable QR code which can dramatically increase your customers potential in connecting with the survey via their mobile device.

Review sites like Yelp and Google Reviews restrict content from posting publicly that wasn’t directly posted by the user themselves. However, our marketing platform will help determine if your survey is qualified as positive feedback which will trigger a special link to your preferred review site(s) should your customer choose to do so.

For example, if a customer indicates that their experience may not be in your businesses favor then the user will not be presented with this option upon completing the survey. But if your customer’s feedback does indicate a positive experience then they will be presented with links to proceed to leave a public review.

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